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Ban Removed On Preaching At Bourbon Street Drunks

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Bourbon Street, the al fresco frat party that never ends, is naturally a great place to see some sinning. But until recently, sinning's other side of the yin-yang, "preaching" was banned from getting in on the fun. Well that all changed Thursday when city council removed a ban that had prevented those riding moral high horses from denouncing the evil-doers in public. Yes, it is now ok to preach on Bourbon street, to a drunk hoard drawn to strip clubs, loud music and daiquiris in big plastic on-the-go style cups. The ban had been in place since 2011, so preachers wanting to make up for lost time might consider making a run for a mega phone before this free for all evening really gets going.
· New Orleans City Council ends ban on preaching on Bourbon Street after dark []