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Selling Point? John Goodman's HBO Tremé Character Lived Here

Boasting about a famous person who used to live in the house you're selling is one thing (hi, Emeril Lagasse and your celeb-chef kitchen!). But this Uptown Craftsman-style home might be stretching it with: "famously known as the HBO Tremé home of John Goodman & Melissa Leo's characters," alluding to the TV series which is about to enter its final season. Just wondering if the Roseanne house gets the same kind of shout-out? Anyway, this restored three-bedroom, three-bath home with a pool and guesthouse, listed for $989K is pretty eye-catching. It's worth noting that this 3,952-square foot pad sold for just $170K back in the old days of 1998.
· Listing: 338 Lowerline Street [Movoto]