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Iberville Projects To Get Wrecking Ball, Redevelopment

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The Iberville Housing Development, New Orleans' last-standing housing project, nears its end and The Advocate digs in deep. Demolition was approved back in May and the 23-acre site, right outside the French Quarter, will undergo a $600 million redevelopment. About 300 blocks surrounding the area, now known as Iberville-Tremé, will see 2,226 new apartments. The current Iberville locale will be home to 304 public housing units, 261 moderate income units, and 315 units at market-rate. The undertaking, steered by the city, the Housing Authority of New Orleans, and developer Pres Kabacoff of HRI Properties, should be finished by December 2014. Kabacoff says the demo and rebuilding will "spark a municipal renaissance," and likened the once highly-contested demolition's importance to the construction of the Superdome.
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