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The Fly, Magazine St. May See Massive Upgrades

The Fly, Uptown's riverside retreat, may see an $8.7 million upgrade if the Audubon Commission gets its way. Crumbling sidewalks, a potholed main drag, and bathrooms from the 1970s are some of the issues at hand. New benches, lighting, and additional landscaping would also be added to the park. The Fly, a crawfish boiling hotspot popular with sunbathers and Frisbee fanatics, has seen a huge influx in visitors the past few years.The front of the park is experiencing issues of its own. The Audubon folks hope to turn the end of Magazine Street into a more park-like area and not the traffic nightmare it is. The plan would include adding a turning lane out of the Audubon Zoo parking lot and brick-paved crosswalks across Magazine Street. City planners say there is some money set aside for parks and they may be able to coincide next year's re-paving of Magazine with this project.
· Audubon Commission Seeking $8.7M for Upgrades to The Fly and Magazine Street [Uptown Messenger]