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1850s Bed-and-Breakfast With So-So Reviews Asks $2.85M

It's understandable if owning a 17-room bed-and-breakfast with very mediocre online reviews isn't at the top of your list. But this Lower Garden District place packs a little punch in the history department. The 11,000-square foot Greek Revival double was built by architect Henry Howard in 1850. He never experienced as much fame as his rival, James Gallier, Sr., but Howard designed over 25 Garden District mansions, several plantations, and the Crescent Billiard Hall on St. Charles Avenue. If hotel ownership does happen to be in your cards, there's a top floor "manager's apartment" you might be able to weasel your way into and a two-car garage out back. There's also a new management team, who are hopefully silencing the disgruntled Yelpers.
· Listing: 2041 Prytania Street [Sotheby's]