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The Ferry Chronicles Continue – Westwego Wants In

Last week, a Westwego city councilman thought it would be an opportune time to pitch an idea for a pedestrian ferry. Then he realized the Department of Transportation and Regional Transit Authority kind of have their hands full with the Algiers Point-Canal Street ferry issues. And did he forget that the Gretna ferry just got the axe? Anyway, he's decided not to bother the RTA. Instead, he wants "anyone, public or private" to come on down, so here's your big chance if you bought that ferry we told you about. The town is no newcomer to the ferry scene and they even have a dock, the Lazy River Landing. A Westwego-Uptown ferry was in operation until the Huey P. Long Bridge was built in 1935.
· Westwego revises its Mississippi River ferry concept []