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Three 'One Of A Kind' New Orleans Homes For Sale

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6501 Elysian Fields Avenue via Keller Williams

"One of a kind," indeed. This 1970s-era Lake Oaks house is asking $339,900 – not bad for a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath house. Then again, there's carpet (why?!) and it's probably a bad sign when there's no photographic evidence of the "central courtyard with pond and garden." Also, it's hard to stop staring at that sunken bath/shower thingie.

2627 Banks Street via Canal Housing

Shipping container homes have been a thing for a while now, but this is the first we've seen of an actual developer coming to town to build one. This Mid-City set-up goes for $159K and has 640-square feet of living space. No word back yet from the management company on if we'll be seeing more of these pop up.

439 Elmira via Craigslist/Windfeel Properties

While this might not be "the most unique building in New Orleans," as the Craigslist ad claims (the realtor's ad is a bit more toned down), credit is deserved for the boastful history. This Algiers Point spot has four residential units plus a 2,000-square foot warehouse. The ad claims this was the first fire engine house and if you dig around enough on the library's site, there is some proof. As for the "macaroni factory," who knows? Anyway, it's "priced to sell" on the CL ad for $385,000. The other listing has it for $405,000.