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More Hold-Ups On Popeye's Chicken Founder's Memorial Stage

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Plans to memorialize Popeye's Chicken founder Al Copeland in Lafreniere Park aren't coming along so well. First, the seven-foot bronze statue of Copeland holding a box of chicken and a racing flag next to a speedboat in a pillared plaza was nixed for being too over-the-top. So, it was suggested to the Copeland clan that they lionize ole' Al with a nice, simple stage. But a contractor says that "somebody got pissed off and called out for an inspection" and a stop-work order was issued. Now more soil is needed to complete the behind-schedule stage, where fall concerts in the park are supposed to take place. Jefferson Parish agreed to pay for the dirt, only instead of the $5,000 amount they planned on, it's now going to cost over $13,000. No one is exactly sure why, but for such an excessive man, known for living his life in an imposing manner, this just seems par for the course.
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