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New Construction Brings Retail, Residences To Magazine St.

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Downtown developments are hogging the spotlight, yes, but Uptown is nudging her way in on the action. That empty gravel lot at 2802 Magazine Street (which sold for $545K in 2011, by the way) is the future home to a three-floor retail/residential space. Bon vivants, take note: this is right next door to Coquette. The ground floor plans show the 4,500-square foot retail space split in two, and it looks like it's going for $12,000/month for the whole thing. The second and third floors will be residential with seven units. No prices yet, but considering the prime Garden District/Irish Channel location on the main drag and the size (six of the rentals will be 1,400-square feet and one will be 2,100-square feet) it won't be pocket change, pals. Chris Sarpy, one of the cats behind 2802 Magazine, LLC, said they hope to start leasing in 60 to 90 days, with the project being complete by the end of the year. As always, stay tuned.
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