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Loyola Dorm Living Becomes Suite Life After $12M Reno

renderings via Woodward Design + Build

Dorm living used to mean you lived in a cramped room with bunk beds, zero privacy, a shared bathroom, and if you were lucky maybe a community kitchen that reeked of burnt popcorn. But college kids are demanding fancy living quarters these days and Loyola University is keeping up with the Jones'. In an effort to "meet current student housing trends," Cabra Hall just got a $12 million face lift. The upperclassmen residence hall (apparently, dorm is a bad word now) has one and two-bedroom suites, fully furnished, of course, with kitchens. A single occupancy suite goes for $9,352 per school year, which if you ignore the hefty cost of tuition, this is quite the affordable living situation, being on St. Charles Avenue and all.
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