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Mid-City iLofts Offer Tech-Related Amenties, Plus A Pet Bath

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renderings via Mid-City iLoft Apartments

In an obvious outreach to the future BioDistrict crowd, here comes the next new thing: the Mid-City iLoft Apartments. The exterior looks pretty unfortunate and renderings give off an extended-stay hotel vibe, but hey, there's high-speed wi-fi, surround sound speakers, Apple tvs, and ipod/iphone docks galore. "Physical health is important to our residents," iLoft says, so to encourage you get off the damn internet they built basketball, handball, tetherball, and bocce ball courts with misting fans. There's also an outdoor kitchen with grills and a bar (again with the socializing!) and look out, an outdoor pet shower/bath thing. The building will have 25 one-bedroom units and just one two-bedroom. Prices haven't been made available to us yet, but they're dropping the "luxury" tag line, so be prepared for that. There are a couple curious things about this property. Out of all of New Orleans' fine attributes they could tout, they pick a new, very suburban-ish shopping plaza."With it's new Mid-City Shopping Center complete with Panera Bread, Pei Wei Asian Diner, Five Guys Burgers and Pinkberry yogurt, Mid-City is attracting young professionals from all over the country who have recently relocated to New Orleans working in the medical field." Also confusing – the iLoft move-in special is an Android.
· Mid-City iLofts Apartments [official site]