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Landlord Steals The Show In CL Ad For Bywater-ish House

A good landlord is hard to come by and this one seems pretty damn excellent. He wants someone who's going to pay the rent on time (imagine that!), "It sounds obvious, but it's a big deal," he says, "The experience of constantly bumping into someone who owes you money every day is the worst thing since panhandling." He's also straight-forward about the "Bywater-ish" neighborhood. Technically, being above St. Claude Avenue throws you into, what are the kids calling it these days, New Bywater? He admits it used to be pretty rough but has changed a lot in the past few years and is this a Marigny burn? "It's definitely a lot more lively than the bed-and-breakfast and cucumber water district down by the river." And the best part? He's willing to build a small loft because he cares about your sex life. "Anyone who's ever tried to get laid in a shotgun while their friend was crashed out ten feet away in the "living room," can understand how a tiny little soundproofed guest attic could be a big old wonderful thing." Oh, and the house looks pretty cute, too.
· Listing: Pauline St at Marais [Craigslist]