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Musician Wants You To Know He's Rented To Models, Architects

Oh, Craigslist, sometimes it's just so hard to stay away from you. So, check it – there's this huge apartment available for "temporary visits," and yes, we know short-term rentals are illegal but that's not the point here today. "I am a popular jazz musician," writes the guy who's renting out the space. The fact that "interested renters will be given [his] website address" isn't even the oddest part. He wants to tell you about the previous tenants' occupations: "a pediatric surgery intern, a young East German couple who were interns of industrial design, (rented for 4 months), a photographer from Corcoran College of Art & Design (Washington D.C.), 2 architects, a tax lawyer from Munich, 3 Models and of course my visiting friends and family." Is he trying to convince us that cultured guests from all over the world enjoy his Mid-City/Gentilly pad or are we just supposed to feel inferior about our regular ole' lives now?
· Listing: Belfort Ave at Gentilly [craigslist]