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Beautiful Historic Home Still For Sale, Is It The Neighborhood?

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A completely renovated 3,139-square foot house on three lots just a few blocks from the Mississippi River would make most house-hunters weak in the knees. But this four-bedroom, three-bathroom manor has just been sitting on the market. It was listed almost nine months ago and over that time has had $46K slashed from the original asking price of $339K, so what gives? Well, it could be the neighborhood. For those not hip to the Holy Cross part of town, it's across the Industrial Canal from the Bywater. And for some, there's this mental block associated with crossing that bridge. If you listen to the downtown buzz, though, Holy Cross is going to be the next big thing. Bywater and Marigny home prices are skyrocketing (even more than before), so those looking for affordable downtown living are about to run out of options. As with any up-and-coming neighborhood, it has its perks and bummers. There are charming,colorful homes, the path along the levee, a perfect view of the skyline. If you're an about-town kind of cat, though, the lack of nightlife and almost zero retail options might be a deal breaker.
· Listing: 835 Caffin Avenue [Latter&Blum]