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Will Gatehouse Get Axed From WTC Development Plans?

James H. Burch, LLC, the guys who came in second place for the development of the former World Trade Center building, have some beef with the winners. Gatehouse, Corp. (the chosen ones by the Mayor Mitch Landrieu-appointed selection committee, in case you missed it) didn't provide some key details and then modified their original proposal. So Burch and company penned the New Orleans Building Corp. a letter telling them that Gatehouse should be disqualified, the Times-Pic's Richard Webster reports. Gatehouse, perhaps more concerned with creating an ultra-hip W Hotel, residences, and surrounding area for the cool crowd, failed to provide details pertaining to the disadvantaged business program, a requirement in the request for proposals. They also didn't include a parking plan and their offered lease payment was a bit substandard. Burch says Gatehouse "later modified its proposal to improve its chances" and wants the scorecards tossed and the original proposals to be the ones reviewed. No word yet on the next NOBC meeting or what the city's take is on this but as always, stay tuned.
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