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French Quarter House From 1816 Will Be A Museum

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The Brulatour House and Courtyard, built in 1816, will be the future home to a museum on the history of the French Quarter, WWL reports. The Historic New Orleans Collection owns the building on Royal Street and is currently beginning the preservation process. EarthSearch began some excavation work in preparation of the preservation process and found a 200-year-old water well (check out the pics below). The New Orleans Collection hopes to have the museum up and running by the end of 2017.

The house was originally owned by Francois Seignouret, a French wine merchant and furniture maker. It also belonged to another wine guy, Pierre Ernest Jules Brulatour, for whom the residence was named. In 1918, William Ratcliff Irby, a rich banker and businessman took over and spruced the property up. Fun fact: he also financed the renovation of the St. Louis Cathedral and the building that was Brennan's Restaurant. In the 1930s, an artist community moved in and helped make this spot one of the most popularly photographed and painted courtyards in the Quarter. Sorry, Pat O'Brien's.
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