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Solange Knowles' Bywater Move Is A Bust, What Went Wrong?

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When Solange (aka Beyonce's younger sister) first checked out this Bywater home for sale, she was apparently so moved that she wrote a handwritten letter to the owners of the house. While we, personally, didn't get our paws on the letter, a credible tipster did. "The note blathered on about how Solange couldn't wait to feel the house's aura and being," he said. That's a little too heady for us to even address, but Solange allegedly wrote that "all of her New York friends want to move to the Bywater," too. Only, it looks like Solange won't be calling 818 Congress her home, afterall.

This is what we know:
· The house is definitely back on the market.
· Solange was indeed in contract on the Bywater Creole Cottage and the closing was scheduled for August 29 (was our curiosity over whether she would keep the Katrina cross on the home too much?). Anyway, it was no secret that Solange was coming to New Orleans as it was reported here, and here and she told Vanity Fair earlier this month she was already here part time and the city 'is amazing so far." Her new label, Saints Records, is a bit of a New Orleans shout-out and just yesterday some were still latching on to the house aspect of the story, too. Whoops.
· Another whoops – apparently no one representing Solange showed up to the house closing. This is after the owners held a massive estate sale, thinking they were, well, moving. Word came down that the closing would be pushed back a week (no reason given, tipster says) but again, nothing. The tipster says that a lawyer from Baton Rouge did contact the homeowners on the Friday after the closing was supposed to take place and said Solange would not be closing on the house and they would not be receiving their down payment.
· Apparently, Solange only forked out $15K as a down payment on the almost-half-a-million-dollar house but the tipster says it was done "out of the spirit of compromise, [the homeowner] didn't want to lose the sale. When the bank said they would finance it, she figured she would have the sale."
So, what gives? Do you think Solange found another house? Did she change her mind and want to be in a fancier part of town? Cold feet?
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