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City Says MYOB To BioDistrict About City Hall Plans

The city is suggesting the BioDistrict board butt out of the City Hall location discussion, The Advocate reports. You see, Jim McNamara, the head honcho of the new BioDistrict part of town, wants to work something out with the Civil District Court judges to build a new courthouse on Duncan Plaza. The BioDistrict is pretty broke, but if they issue bonds for the construction of a new courthouse, then help run the show, they can tap in to some of the courthouse revenue. Only, the city wants to move City Hall and the courts into the abandoned Charity Hospital. Not all of the BioDistrict board is even down with the Duncan Plaza idea, including the city's Chief Administrative Officer Andy Kopplin (who also happens to be on the BioDistrict board). "I don't think?that this is the fight that the BioDistrict wants to get into in terms of the city and its relationship with the Civil District Court and where to locate court facilities," Kopplin said.
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Charity Hospital

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