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Surprise! Still Lots of Work Ahead In Fight Against Blight

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The fight against blight marches on, and as a shocker to exactly no one, there's still a lot of work to be done. Yesterday's special City Council meeting focused on blight complaints and concerns and the Times-Pic reports the numbers. Mayor Mitch Landrieu's "administration had abated 8,535 properties since October 2010 – including 3,962 demolitions." There's a "79-percent success rate on cases that go to a hearing. That's up from 57 percent in 2010. About $2.6 million in liens and back taxes had been collected." Residents sounded off and again, no surprise, they're sick of the blight. Bill Quigley, director of the Loyola Law Clinic, brought up the importance of maintaining the rental properties around town: "The code enforcement for rental properties or apartments is really underwhelming, to say the least," he said.
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