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Check Out Three Marigny Homes For Sale

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Once an 1840s storefront, this Marigny Rectangle two-bedroom isn't for the beige-at-heart. The red dining room and purple facade are no joke if bold isn't your thing, but hello, gorgeous pool and patio. This just-hit-the-market spot is a little over 2,000 square feet, a bit over half a mil, and yes, nice staging of the Porsche. Asking price: $595K.
· Listing: 2340 N. Rampart St. [Latter & Blum]

? Another Marigny Rectangle property has three-bedrooms, two-baths with 1,430-square feet of living space and some outdoorsy lounging areas. Asking price: $375K.
· Listing: 910 Marigny St. [Gardner Realtors]

? Six bedrooms, six baths, 2,582-square feet of living space and jellyfish neon art (may not be included, sorry!). We hear this circa-1840s home was a bed-and-breakfast for some time, which explains the multiple tubes of toothpaste in one of the bathroom shots? Asking price: $429,500.
· Listing: 708 Mandeville St. [Sotheby's]