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Gennifer Flowers' Old Residence Just Price Chopped To $975K

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Gennifer Flowers, best known for blabbing about her affair with Bill Clinton, once called this French Quarter space home – in fact, her crooning headquarters, the Kelsto Club, was on the ground floor. The two-bedroom, two-bath, 2,700-square foot condo is now owned by Flowers' ex-husband, Finis Shelnutt (what a name, right?). Apparently, he's a "real estate wheeler dealer" but his website is, well, non-existent and these are the best pics available. Anyway, you get the idea of how garish the place is, but maybe squint and play make-believe for a second and the beauty of the 1840s building can shine through? There are 13-foot ceilings, original hardwood floors, balconies, and four marble fireplaces to amp up the perk factor. The hefty price chop happened over the weekend, with $275K knocked off the $1.25M asking price, bringing it down to $975K. This place has been dancing all over the market, though. It was first listed in 2012 for a little over a million, then earlier this year it was knocked down to $999K and in May went up to $1.25M.

· Listing: 720 St. Louis, #2 [movoto]