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Real Estate Deathmatch Winner May Be Turned Into Restaurant

This Real Estate Deathmatch winner on Magazine Street could be off the market soon. The owners of French Quarter gastropub, Sylvain, are scoping the place out and already have some historic renovation plans in mind. Just outside of the Garden District, this 4,600-square foot home was built in the 1880s by a fellow named Edward James Cockerton, but his name won't be making an appearance on the menu. "We can't really name it the Cockerton House," one of the owners told Uptown Messenger. Parking woes and noise issues usually top the list of neighbor complaints, but someone was thinking ahead – there are 22 planned off-street parking spots, the back patio that faces other houses won't be used for outdoor seating, and what a rarity, there's a driveway that can be utilized for deliveries.
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