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Extremely Unique Guesthouse With Indoor Pool Asks $899K

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File this one under WTF, y'all. Currently operating as a "unique and quite different" guest house, the 12-bedroom, 12-bath Dive Inn is on the market for $899K. According to the website, this peculiar structure was built by a Mexican counsel in 1914 as a gymnasium for his family . Apparently it was once a scuba diving school, too? Now it's Pee Wee's Playhouse meets your mee-maw's tropical-themed cottage. But with a clothing-optional, indoor swimming pool, two Jacuzzis, and a definite swingers vibe. The listing suggests converting the space into condos or a single family abode, but if your dreams involve keeping the Dive Inn as is, do check out their FAQ.

According to their FAQ list, people who love Dive Inn:
· might love being stranded on a desert island
· really understand macro-anything
· enjoy nudity
And people who probably won't like the place?
· read formula novels
· need special lighting to make up
· need a television in their room
· Listing: 4417 Dryades [movoto]
· Dive Inn Guesthouse [official site]