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Where Critics Eat Breakfast, The Eater 38 Update, and More

Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater NOLA editor Gwendolyn Knapp shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

NOLA— Breakfast. It's all the rage in terms of the latest New Orleans dining trends, especially places focusing on specialty baked goods with in-house pastry chefs. Here is a map of the new breakfast joints the food critics keep going back to.

NOLA— Often we get a question that becomes with "can you recommend a restaurant..." The Eater 38, freshly updated for January 2014, seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of where you can get a great meal regardless of mood, all within a reasonable price range.

MID-CITY—; With highly-anticipated Mopho opening in the next few days, and small plates venue/cocktail lounge/gallery Treo coming to Tulane Avenue in late January, Mid-City seems to have 2014's early restaurant game on lockdown.

BYWATER— Good news for fans of Molly's at the Market and 13, the beloved bars' owners, Jim and Alana Monaghan along with partner Lloyd Miller, are seeking to open a new tavern on St. Claude in the former A&N Grocery (3021 St. Claude). Plans for Junction include an art deco train-theme, 30+ beers on top, craft cocktails, and gourmet burgers.