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Mardi Gras Rules; Philosopher's Library Plans Nixed; More!

NOLA— Mardi Gras isn't exactly synonymous with Rules and Regulations, but this proposed ordinance could cause some ch-ch-ch-changes along the parade routes. Tossing toilet paper rolls, a favorite pastime of the Krewe of Tucks, will still be acceptable (this year, at least) but curbside ladders, port-a-potties blocking the public right of way, and "snap pops" are all getting the stink eye. []

BYWATER— Well, that didn't last long. Plans for the Philosopher's Library, "a sanctuary for confused, anxious, and worn-out people," were scrapped after last week's neighborhood meeting concerning zoning changes. Artist Candy Chang and her partner, writer James A. Reeves, wrote on their website: "We thank everybody in our neighborhood for their support, critiques, and interest in this idea. We are not seeking non-profit status or pursuing a zoning change at this time. Perhaps this idea will return to the desert." [The Philosopher's Library/previously]

ALGIERS— A new construction permit has been filed for a $12-million soccer stadium at Behrman Park. If plans chug along accordingly, the 9,000-seat arena will host amateur and professional soccer and rugby games and there will be four practice fields, plus a ton of parking. [Canal St. Beat]