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Less Fests, More Preservation on Bayou St. John, Group Says

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Bayou St. John's days as a dingy waterway are long gone but that doesn't mean all residents in the Mid-City 'hood are pleased with its canoe-kayak-festival destination status. According to the Mid-City Messenger, the new Greener Bayou St. John Coalition has a plan to reel in the fun "preserve and improve Bayou St. John and its environs." Issues brought up in the master plan meeting included the abandoned boats in the bayou, "excessive noise" from festivals, fireworks, and "the trashing of the bayou during the annual boat parade." Jean Lichtfuss, president of the Parkview Neighborhood Association, told the Messenger she thinks "active recreation" along the banks of the historic bayou should be limited (plans for bayou-side sand volleyball courts bit the dust this past summer) and festivals should be cut back. "Ultimately, Lichtfuss says, she'd like to see the bayou be more like Lakeview, and have special zoning designation preventing large-scale events and other activities."
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