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This 4,800-Sq.Ft. Former Bywater Gym Wants $599,000

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Here's one for the "not your average real estate listing" files: A 4,800-square-foot structure with 46-foot ceilings on a half-acre lot in the Bywater. The Wiltz Gym, built in 1916, sold for $230,000 in an Orleans Parish School Board surplus auction back in 2010 and while the N. Rampart Street building seems to be in the same condition (poor) as when it sold, it's now going for double the price with a $599,000 ask. This isn't the site's first time in the spotlight. In 2012 there was discussion asking, "What does the Bywater want at the historic Wiltz Gym?" and also some backlash related to that. Clearly, none of the development suggestions came to fruition.The property is now zoned B-1A, which means it can be a residential spot, a bed and breakfast, an assortment of businesses, or like the listing suggests, "condo conversion possible."
· Listing: 3041 N. Rampart St. [Corp-Realty]