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Presenting The New Rules of Mardi Gras...

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Just in time for this Carnival season, City Council laid down the law on some new regulations concerning Mardi Gras. Ladders along the parade routes (think of them as the ultimate booster seats, but with bead-hungry parents perched on back) must be at least six feet away the curb. Roping off neutral ground spots to secure the prime viewing section is not allowed. Stink bombs and "snap pops" are now totally illegal and throwing beads back at the float can cost you $250. Plunking a port-a-potty down on public property without permission is also no-no. The New Orleans Advocate reports that someone spoke up against this bathroom bylaw "because the public ones are so dirty that women 'hover' rather than sit on them while urinating, making the problem even worse, and that children and older people often are not able to 'hover.'" City Council reportedly had no response.
· City Council passes new rules for Carnival parades [N.O. Advocate]