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Group Wants To Bring Jazzland Back To Six Flags Site

In the early 2000s, before Six Flags started running the amusement park show in New Orleans East, there was Jazzland. Now that the old Six Flags site is once again in development limbo and a new request for proposals was just released, the Paidia Company, a Baton Rouge-based themed entertainment development group, is trying once again to bring Jazzland back. The 150-acre spot would include a theme park, a water park, plus a movie studio backlot that would "allow for car chase scenes, pyrotechnics and other stunt work that needs a controlled environment for safety." Their Jazzland plan isn't totally top-secret (like some of the other proposals) since they gave it a go in the first RFP go-round when an outlet mall was chosen and eventually scrapped. Tonya Pope with the Paida Company told Curbed NOLA that their "plan has remained consistent, although there have been adjustments as it has matured and new products have become available."

· There will be rides aplenty, for sure. A couple highlights: Plans call for restoration of the rickety looking Megazeph rollercoaster and a drop tower ride inspired by the Milneburg Lighthouse at Pontchartrain Beach.
· A fine dining restaurant outside of the main gates of the park will offer service industry jobs through Café Reconcile's non-profit program.
· Nature exhibits: "The alligators currently in residence will find themselves in a new luxurious enclosure once the park is re-opened."
· An outdoor concert venue with seating for 3,000 to 5,000 and a 25,000-square-foot indoor theater venue.
· Sculpture by New Orleans artist John Scott, who started on several Lincoln Beach-inspired pieces before his death. His son, Ayo Scott, will complete them.
Financially speaking, the group has proposed a flat cash yearly lease payment with a local sales tax collection of $1.8-million.
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