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Crescent Park Can't Open Because of Dirty Dirt

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The newest issue concerning the opening of the ridiculously delayed Crescent Park, a $30-million riverfront redevelopment in the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods, is soil contamination. The Times-Pic reports that Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson got word of the dirty dirt and said, "We need a plan to make sure everything is in order, that it's environmentally safe, and has good maintenance." The park, landscaped and locked up behind the flood walls, was originally supposed to open at the end of 2012. A November 2013 date was mentioned, too. As always, stay tuned.
UPDATE: The nasty soil situation was apparently caused by "unhealthy pH levels" and should be fresh and clean in the next 30 days, The Times-Pic reports. After that the park should open.
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