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'Lucifer Suite' at Saint Hotel has Private Stage, Secret Surprises

photos via The Saint Hotel

Just in time for the debauchery that is Mardi Gras madness, The Saint Hotel has added five luxury suites to its Canal Street location on the edge of the French Quarter. What seems like a ho-hum, non-event press release gets a little interesting when the owners of the boutique hotel named two of the 1,800-square-foot master suites after opposing archangels, Michael and Lucifer. The Archangel Michael Suite is what one would expect, mostly. White velvet curtains, white tufted sofas, lots of glass, stainless steel, oh, and window shades adorned with six-foot tall statues of saints. The Archangel Lucifer Suite of course rocks the red and black motif, has red walls, red LED lighting along the ceiling, red velvet curtains. Nothing shocking. But wait, the suite "includes a few surprises only revealed to those who stay there." Also worth noting: there's a private stage in the room with a "dance pole," stage lighting and music is included for an um, "impromptu exotic karaoke performance."

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