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Three Homes For Sale in Curbed Cup Winning Bywater

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Another congratulatory virtual shake of the hand to Bywater on its Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year award. Check out these three properties that are on the market in this downtown 'hood. Warning: one does have a sale pending and another needs some TLC, but have a look around.

↑ There is a sale pending on this converted double on Mazant Street, but the original architectural details, hardwood floors, and fancy kitchen (six-burner stove, double decker dishwasher!) are still worth ogling over. The three-bedroom, two-bath home is 2,164-square-feet and has a new roof, new electrical work, and new plumbing. Asking price: $425,000.

↑ This two-family house needs some lovin' and a good scrub-down and when that's taken care of this could be a lovely dwelling. In all, the place is 3,876-square-feet with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The downstairs unit opens to a jungle-like backyard and the upper unit (which looks much nicer) has a balcony overlooking the yard. The Dauphine Street digs hit the market last month, asking $499,000.

↑ On Congress Street, this renovated sidehall has two bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths, and is 1,165-square feet. Perks: The heart of pine floors are original, there's a big, private backyard and gated off-street parking. Asking price: $316,000.
· Listing: 820 Mazant St. []
· Listing: 3138 Dauphine St. [Sotheby's]
· Listing: 635 Congress St. [Keller Williams]