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Neighborhood Beefs

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Looking for answers concerning the ongoing controversial noise ordinance (in this case "noise" refers to live music), local musician and writer Michael Patrick Welch questioned some political candidates on where they stand on the issue. The juiciest tidbit came from mayoral candidate Judge Michael Bagneris. When asked, "What would you say to people who have lived near Frenchmen Street before it was a music district and don't like how it's changed?" he said, "I would find out if those residents would be interested in having their properties purchased at a fair value. Do what everybody else does and get a consortium and buy out for fair value and make it a music district. They do that with any other enterprise, like if you have a big Walmart coming in and some properties are in the way, they buy them out. When they are expanding the airport and properties are in the way, you buy them out. If you have a music district that's expanding, buy them out." [VICE]