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Busted Banksy Piece Cut Out of Marigny Warehouse

A piece of street art, widely believed to be the work of British graffiti superstar Banksy, has been sliced out of the Marigny warehouse where it went up in 2008. Real estate developer, Sean Cummings, owns the warehouse on Elysian Fields Avenue and plans to have the painted-over Banksy restored, The Times-Pic reports. Cummings didn't spill the beans on future plans for the street art, but it wouldn't be shocking to see it go up in The Rice Mill Lofts or The International House Hotel, two places of his. As for the warehouse, apparently it made it through its surgery okay. Cummings said "masonry experts discovered that it was possible to remove the top one to two inches of plaster from the surface of the building, without needing to disturb the underlying structure."
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