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Historic Circle Food Store Set To Re-Open This Month

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images via McDonnel Construction Services

It's been a year since construction started on the historic Circle Food Store in the Seventh Ward and the reopening is oh-so-close. Shuttered after the floods following Hurricane Katrina, the store is wrapping up an $8-million renovation and should be open for business by the end of this month. The 22,000-square-foot building at St. Bernard and Claiborne Avenues is getting some modern upgrades (the drop ceilings hit the road, replaced by exposed beams and skylights) but the historic touches on the 1938 structure are still in place. The beloved store helps out the food desert status of the Seventh Ward and one resident told WWNO, "Because stores like Circle didn't come back right away, many people who lacked transportation decided not to move back after the storm. 'A lot of houses have gone astray, like that house over there. When I first moved around there they had people living in that, and its been sitting there like that for 10 years.'" As always, stay tuned!
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