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The Philosopher's Library May Be Bywater's Next Thing

In case the abundance of eating and boozing establishments in Bywater is getting to be too much, check out this (maybe) coming attraction of a completely different ilk. Artist Candy Chang (of the house-art Before I Die...fame) and writer James A. Reeves own a building on N. Rampart Street and want to put a library and coffee shop on the ground floor of the space. But this is no ordinary library — The Philosopher's Library will be "a sanctuary for confused, anxious, and worn-out people," with classic philosophical tomes and "life-changing books recommended by others." Chang and Reeves also want the "dignified public space" to be used for readings, discussions, and exhibitions. In order for this to happen, though, a zoning switch-up from a two-family residence to a neighborhood business has to be approved. and the owners are holding their required meeting tomorrow at 6 p.m.
· The Philosopher's Library [official site]