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Lower Garden District Home on Coliseum Sq. Asks $1,295,000

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A Lower Garden District spread that made our list of most expensive rentals (it was going for $7,000 a month) has hit the market with a new sale price, now asking $1,295,000. That price buys 5,646-square-feet of space, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a view of Coliseum Square, and there's a pool. Built in 1864, the house clearly had a complete renovation and the shiny hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and exposed brick chimneys are all spotlight-stealers. This place originally listed last summer, asking $1.5-million and was pricechopped in August, then again in September, and spent the rest of 2013 with a $1,395,000 price tag.
· Listing: 1440 Camp St. [Keller Williams]