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Dixie Brewery Owners' Case Dismissed; VA May Get Its Way

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The Dixie Brewery Company owners had yet another date in court yesterday concerning the future of the historic, crumbling building that housed the brewery until Hurricane Katrina. The verdict? Case dismissed. The state took over the Tulane Avenue property in 2011, then switched it over to the LSU/VA Hospital guys as part of the gigantic, under-construction hospital complex. According to NOLA Defender, because Team VA wasn't included in Team Dixie's legal proceeding (they have been before and that case was dismissed, too) "no one was able to confirm any details about whether the building would be torn down or whether it was appropriate to create further restraints on the project." The Dixie Brewery owners are currently operating out of Wisconsin and say they want to bring their beer biz back to New Orleans. The VA Medical Center wants it to be a bioscience research site, preserving some of the building (after knocking out the asbestos) and adding a modern-looking five-story building behind the brewery.
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