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What $1,500/Month Rents You in New Orleans

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various New Orleans neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,500

↑ We promise you not every listing will be like this. In the spirit of Halloween, here's your "trick" listing. Ignore the limited pixelated photos of this one bedroom one bathroom Uptown duplex and instead look towards its amenities — a laundry room with storage, off-street parking, and a decently spacious yard which includes landscaping. Are the amenities worth the $1,500 a month price? Keep in mind that 1926 Jena St #A is also conveniently located near parade routes and walking distance to the St Charles Streetcar.

↑ Yet another one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, 931 Gov Nicholls St #2 may have our previous listing beaten on location. Built in 1900, this Greek Revival offers gorgeous accents like gas fireplaces and a wraparound balcony as well as french doors. Its natural light provides just enough ambiance and privacy. $1,400 a month gets you 720 square feet on the quiet side of the Quarter.

↑ The price discrepancies from neighborhood to neighborhood in New Orleans is seriously mind-blowing. If you're keen on living in the Bio-Med District before the new LSU hospital opens and property values skyrocket even more, then you've got a pretty sweet deal with 2509 Gravier St. This surprisingly spacious two story (yeah, we can't believe it either given the photos) offers up five bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It's also our first pet-friendly list and will gladly accept cats and small dogs. $1,495 a month gets you 2,254 whopping square feet in a neighborhood on the cusp of exploding in popularity.

↑ This three bedroom, two bathroom home on the cusp of Lakeview is fairly modern, though a little cramped by the looks of the kitchen. Lots and lots of cabinets don't always make up for limited counter space and the sheer amount of them seems to make it impossible to even add a small butcher block to compensate. Kitchen configuration aside, it would've been nice to see an actual bedroom and not just one bathroom. Use your imagination and hope with all your heart that 6223 Catina St is worth its $1,450 a month price tag.

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