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City of New Orleans 2015 Proposed Budget Essentials

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Yesterday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu unveiled the City of New Orleans' 2015 Proposed Budget. Residents took to twitter to let their voices be known and media outlets eagerly live-tweeted the developments, which include a (hopefully) comprehensive plan for the federal consent degree and a few budgetary increases, namely 48% more in funds for Public Works. We here at Curbed NOLA spent the day digesting that information and have spit out what's relevant to operations, recreation, and blight.

An addition $1.75M is being reserved for our streets, with a majority of those funds going towards pavement repairs. The city is continuing its comprehensive streetlight repairs and LED conversions via Capital Improvement Millage bonds that total $10M. $1.6M will be divided up between five rec centers, two pools, three playgrounds, and the Milne Boys Home as part of the NORDC budget.

$900K is going towards better blight code enforcement as well as sheriff's sales and, uh, we'll see how that goes. An additional $342K (aka a 5% increase) is going towards Property Management to support building maintenance, putting that budget at $6,647,244. Parks and Parkways are seeing a similar 5% total increase ($230K) for an overall $7,397,872 budget. In exciting development news, Lafitte Greenway stands to get $156K and a proposed golf course will receive $74K.

Under the City Planning Commission umbrella, which will see an overall $530K budgetary increase, CZO implementation planners will receive $114K and the city's Storm Water Management Position will get $68K. We'll leave you on a positive, artsy note — the Arts Council is receiving an additional $60K. Need more budget info? Check out the city's full 2015 proposed budget powerpoint here.

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