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"New Marigny" Rental a Little Over-Eager After Tenants Leave

Somebody got a little excited once their previous tenants moved out. The listing for 1318 Spain is refreshingly honest with gems like "a high end renovation would be over 1k a month" and the promise to get better photos once they've cleaned up the place. For now, interested parties are left with the searing shot of a very filthy kitchen just because it apparently needed to be seen.

Awkward photos aside, this two bedroom half double is decent, though the price isn't as remarkable as its listing makes it out to be. $825 a month gets you a two bedroom, one bath, with water, trash, and recycling included. A deposit of $725 can be split between first and second month's rent, which is fairly generous. Same goes for the backyard and overall lot space.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of the listing is its "urban displacement" — our new phrase of the week — undertones. The alleged streetcar lin, a new CVS, and Robert is readily advertised on this listing as well as the note that the neighborhood is "improving by leaps and bounds." Still sound like something up your alley? You can either over-eagerly wait for more photos to surface or hit up Craigslist right now.

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