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Park(ing) Day is This Saturday in the CBD

No, this isn't some type of special downtown parking meter holiday where you can leave your vehicle wherever you please without payment. Park(ing) Day is the co-opting of parking spaces to be used as parks all up and down Julia St, between its start at Convention Center Blvd and in the heart of the CBD at St Charles Ave. Though the Park(ing) Day website has its global celebration the third Friday in September, New Orleans does things differently and instead celebrates on a day where everyone can join in on the fun.

First established in 2005 in San Francisco, Park(ing) Day has spread out all over the world and eventually found its way to New Orleans, where it was first celebrated in 2011. This year's Park(ing) Day transforms nine different parking spots into interactive works of art. Designs range from an urban maze to a "swing and saddle stop". Catch all nine designs this Saturday, October 4th from noon all the way to 8pm — perfect timing to roll right into Art for Art's Sake on Magazine.

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