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Corrections and Additional Information on 808-810 Royal

We here at Curbed NOLA would first like to take a moment to thank our readers for the valuable information they've provided in not only helping to track down who the owner of 808 Royal St is but adding additional, current information to a sad tale of structural neglect. It recently came to our attention as per a member of Historic Marigny Investments, LLC that the group does not, in fact, own 808 Royal but had once taken an interest in "purchasing and restoring this property despite its known structural defects." Additionally, the property's transfers have been between family members since 1917, confirming Elaine Petrie as the current owner. Another reader reached out regarding Petrie's involvement in the property stating that "she's in her 80s and she lived in Lakeview at one time."

Neighbors further confirmed Petrie's identity and told WWL that a portion the building was being rented out to a Baton Rouge couple. Though improvements had been made three years ago, it appears that the building's interior was in rough shape for quite some time. 808-810 Royal St is set to be demolished via a detailed plan of action that includes securing permits for hazardous materials such as asbestos. Any additional information regarding the structure and its owner is always appreciated. Feel free to reach out to us via and thank you again, dear readers, for the solid information and the conscientious reading.

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