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A Look at the Demolition of 808-810 Royal St

photos via Patrick Ahern

A tipster sent us these up close and visceral photos of 808-810 Royal St as it was coming down over the weekend. An additional statement with the photos paints a sad picture of neglect regarding the 213 year old building, which was owned by Elaine Petrie and was being partially rent out to a Baton Rouge couple. Says tipster Patrick Ahern about the property: Regarding 810 Royal Street, I have been in this building visiting friends over the years and have seen roof leaks from as far back as 1980, with this problem never being corrected and the bricks and mortar staying wet . The mortar has turned to sand and cosmetic skin used to hide the damage . With the large buses and trucks driving down Royal and through The French Quarter the bricks finally gave out. Also staying wet became a feeding ground for Termites to thrive. · 808-810 Royal [Curbed NOLA]