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St. Peter and Paul Church One Step Closer to Boutique Hotel

The old St. Peter and Paul Church in the Marigny is one step closer to becoming a boutique hotel. The New Orleans City Planning Commission approved permission to seek a zoning change for the complex, which consists of four total buildings. Developer Nathalie Jordi and co now must sway City Council in their favor for full approval.

When Curbed NOLA first posted about this potential conversion, a majority of comments garnered were positive, including a statement from Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association President Lisa Suarez, who stressed that the FMIA was for conceptual approval but also that "FMIA is pro sensitive development and will actively mitigate negatives for residents as much as we can. Conceptual approval was predicated on two facts: terrible blight and the Henry Howard Church had to be stabilized, plus the neighborhood wants relief from illegal vacation rentals."

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