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If This "Rental" Doesn't Get You Pumped Up, Nothing Will

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It's been weeks since we've trudged through the repetitive, bizarre annals of Craigslist but boy did we miss it. CL's latest banger just happens to be a micro-rental — one with very strange amenities. Located at 2504 Esplanade Ave, this $299 a night one bedroom apartment offers free beer of your choosing and king cake. To quote the listing: "We have a Mardi Gras' spirit all year round!"

Plug in your amplifiers and do pay your audio guy (let's not make this Courtney Love-like) and let's get ready to rock. According to the listing, your rental is located in an old and regal mansion along Esplanade Ridge that puts you in the center of the city. A caps lock spree spells out each tourist destination you can walk to, including the upcoming Voodoo Fest. Also, you can rent kayaks for fun at Bayou St John. For fun!

2504 Esplanade does have an occupancy limit. They'll take up to seven people and says that three is the magic number of occupants to keep it comfortable. Either way, there are bedding options everywhere — air mattresses, a bunk bed, futon, and even a loft bed. Actual non-party amenities include off-street parking and wifi. If you were to rent this one bedroom for an entire month, your horrifyingly high total would come to nearly $9,000. And they say Airbnb and the like aren't a problem in New Orleans.

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