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2818 Laurel St Returns With More Photos, Asking $799K

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2818 Laurel St has certainly cleaned up its act. When we last caught up with the spacious three bedroom, its listing boasted "over 3,000 hours" of renovations and a seriously strange master bedroom selfie. Its asking price just ten months ago was $770K, though its appraised value was $100K lower. After removing 2818 Laurel St from the market in July, it returned just a month later asking $795K, followed by a $100K increase, before changing its price yet again to $799K. So, has this tumultuous listing changed much this year?

Holy crap, there are the bathroom shots we asked for, along with some major changes — like the fact that this listing is now a two bedroom with four bathrooms total. Just because we asked to see y'all's bathroom doesn't mean we were expecting a reno straight out of the "Dear John" episode of Rocko's Modern Life.

2818 Laurel St still offers the same stellar, spacious amenities like a two car garage, massive yard, and rear building, though the latter needs renovation. Its owner has apparently also tacked on nearly every appliance you could ever need, including a wine cooler. And don't even get us started on the master bedroom — its 700+ square footage is bigger than some apartments. So, is 2818 Laurel St finally worth it? Only time, and an eager buyer, will tell.

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