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St Peter and Paul Church Turning Into Boutique Hotel

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[UPDATE]Nathalie Jordi has reached out and provided the most current rendering, pictured above.

A little under three months after a letter was distributed to residents near the St Peter and Paul Church at 2317 Burgundy, the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association has granted unanimous approval to Nathalie Jordi and co to develop the space into a boutique hotel. Jordi, whose column in the Atlantic helped her business People's Pops gain prominence in NYC, has big preservationist plans for the Henry Howard-designed church. She plans to restore existing structures on its campus to their prior glory for visitors and locals alike.

A majority of the hotel's rooms will be in the school, which closed its doors to students in 1993. Community spaces are also planned on the campus and Jordi is open to ideas for ways to utilize those spots. Anyone curious about the project or with any feedback is encouraged to email Jordi and co at In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye on this property, which has already filed for a change of use permit with the city.

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