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112 Year Old Former Treme Jail Closer to Future as B&B?

The City Planning Commission will take up the very terms of what it means to operate a bed and breakfast later this afternoon. Their next meeting November 11th at 1:30pm will potentially see the broadening of buildings in which B&Bs can occur thanks to owners of a former Treme Police Station and Jail. Liz and Raul Canache bought 2522 St Philip St with plans to turn the circa 1902 building into a bed and breakfast, though the current laws on the books don't allow for it. How serious are the Canaches about this plan? According to a tipster who happens to be neighbors with the couple, "they already rent a space on that block and are just waiting to get approval to fix up the space and move in." Stay tuned for more on this great project to rehab and revitalize a truly unique building.

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