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What $2,000/Month Rents You in New Orleans

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various New Orleans neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $2,000

↑ We're definitely digging the black cabinetry in this kitchen, in addition to its other gourmet amenities. 3107 Banks offers up a whole lot of open space, including multiple balconies and courtyards. Each bedroom in this three bedroom MidCity estate has its own private bathroom, which means you don't even have to like the people you're moving in with — certainly a perk in this day and age of crazy Craigslist roommates. $2,100 a month gets you privacy, space, and a whole lot of cooking room.

708 Pauline has everything and the kitchen sink — an iPod dock with CD player, full furnishings, a flat screen TV — all in a "vibrant, funky neighborhood". We'll leave the gentrification humor to you, dear reader, but if you're interested in this funky, fresh, and old (about 130 years!) two bedroom, just know that rent includes wifi, cable, and your energy bill up to $200. With all that detritus, why even venture out into the fast-changing neighborhood anyway? $1,950 a month gets you this compound of amenities.

↑ Whoever moves into 724 Gov Nicholls G seriously needs to tell us about the geothermal central heating and air. Like the Bywater rental, this French Quarter one bedroom offers up a whole lot of reasons to stay indoors, including internet and cable. This is also the only rental to explicitly state that they're petcat-friendly. $2,000 a month gets you plenty of room in this spacious, former Spanish Stables apartment complex.

↑ The photos of this large Lakeview home almost look unreal, especially the view outside its windows. Though someone might've gone a little crazy with the HDR, 5521 Canal Blvd doesn't need a lot of sprucing up. The two bedroom, one bath beauty comes with appliances, a massive backyard with a shed, as well as off-street parking. $2,000 a month gets you the essentials and then some.

↑ Advertised as historic, most likely because it's right on South Carrollton, this MidCity three bedroom, two bath has a fairly open floor plan and an even more expansive backyard. The modest porch at the back of 4522 S Carrollton gives way to an expanse of grass with two statues and a bench, meaning you've got more than enough room to set up that fire pit, clothes line, or whatever else you'd like. Its interior is all hard wood flooring and tile for the kitchen and bathrooms. Perhaps the strangest design accent are two small columns near what looks to be an unnecessary doorway. You can't knock out the wall (landlords don't like that) but you can live in relative comfort for just $1,950 a month.
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